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The problems with a light bearing Sidecar style holster

You’re wanting a light bearing Sidecar style of holster?  You’re not alone!  They’re quite popular, especially on Instagram.  Before I tell you why I won’t make them, let’s touch on the problems inherent to the fixed design of the married appendix rig.  It’s fixed.  It either matches your body curvature, or it doesn’t.  If it […]

Napkin notes on the Canik TP9SF Elite

Well, I’m eating a little crow on this one so far.  When Canik’s were first released I thought they would not hold up due to their low price point, or that they would be equivalent to the other ~$300 pistols. The Canik TP9SF Elite has been a pleasant surprise.  Equipped with Warren Tactical sights with […]

FN 509 napkin notes

Here’s my first impressions on the 509. Roughly comparable in size and shoot-ability to a G19.  That’s a good thing. Trigger is a little gritty on take up especially, but with a very nice reset.  Didn’t notice it while shooting.  Several friends who have one have said that it smooths out with use.  Apex also […]