The most comfortable holster I own!


Super easy to take on and off and conceals easily!

Simple design that works well and wears comfortably.

Austin Rouse

It is so much more comfortable than I thought AIWB could ever be.

I have been wearing mine everyday since September 2017 and it looks just the same 7 months later

Conceals extremely well, and even allows for a tucked in shirt.

My review is for the Velox. Best holster I have ever owned.

Jacob Dohm

I have a backup holster that was made by KSG Armory for my Ruger LCR .38 Special. It is very comfortable and easily secured with the loop to my belt.

The fit is excellent for retention and finish. It was designed to be a simple IWB for my backup, and it is black kydex. No rough edges, and comfortable to wearl

The holster conceals well, and could even be used in a boot setup if you wanted to make your own rig. This particular holster is very thin kydex, and that combined with the small nature of the revolver makes the pistol dissapear.

It's lightweight, effective, and I always learn something good and interesting when I talk to the folks at KSG Armory!

Kristoffer Shafer

The most comfortable holster I've ever worn!

These holsters are smooth as glass and the edges are rounded off perfectly

It doesnt print at all and no one even knows I'm carrying, which I'm happy about

I never thought I'd be comfortable with the appendix wedge but these holsters, in combination with the claw, work so well. I have the Velox and Minuteman holsters and both fit so well and I can do my daily tasks without a problem. These work really well for guys who have a bigger belly. It sits nice in the waist area and doesnt pinch the skin like other holsters do. 10/10 in quality and the shipping time is amazing. Oh and can't forget the prices. Better than any other company I've researched yet. Will be buying more for sure!

John Croker

No issues whatsoever. As good as kydex gets and then some, with the cushioning Gabe provides on many of his holsters.

Excellent. Gabe pays a lot of attention to important details and gets it right.

No complaints regarding the holster; plenty regarding my stomach if you know what I mean.

I love the balance between surety of retention and ease of draw, and the “made to specifications” nature of the product.

Tyler Smith

I have several holsters from Gabe and I have never been disappointed with any of them. Always solid and well-made with great retention, I couldn’t be happier.

The holsters from KSG always look great and function flawlessly. Gabe is an expert and his craftsmanship and care are evident in his work.

I have no issue concealing with any of my holsters from KSG. They are well designed to do exactly what you want them to do, which is disappear under clothing and be readily available when needed.

I recommend KSG Armory to people all the time. I spent a LOT of money on awful holsters before these and I honestly just wish I had started here first. The time and money I could have saved! As it is, I have a a couple of great holsters now and several examples of what not to do getting dusty on a shelf.


Most comfortable holster I own. Dual neoprene wedges make sitting, standing, and everything in between a breeze.

Fit and finish is fantastic. Excellent level of detail

Full concealment is achievable with simply a dark colored T-shirt of the proper size. After a few days I learned the proper placement of the holster for concealment related to my body shape and it has been smooth sailing ever since.

The availability of colors was fantastic and it only took 2 weeks from the time I ordered until it was in my hand.

Brian hayes

Many times i forget I'm wearing it.

It fits my gun perfectly. No sharp edges to irritate my skin on this IWB holster.

It hugs my body just like it should. I have never had a concern with printing at all.

I switched from another brand (rhymes with Balien Smear) to KSG because of better materials, a thicker leather backer, and the fact that Gabe is a brother in Christ.

John Cohagen

Supreme comfort

Excellent craftsmanship

Very good concealment

Excellent customer service

Alex hola

I have both a sidekick and velox holster for the HK VP9. Both holster are extremely comfortable. While the velox is dedicated appendix, i will use the sidekick as appendix or hip carry as needed (combined with Gabe's single mag carrier).

Outstanding fit and retention. As well all the attention to detail is there. All edges were finished and smooth, and hardware was appropriately assembled.

With either the velox or the sidekick, both disappear under nothing more than a t-shirt so long as the shirt isn't form fitting.

The design of both holsters, at least for my body, are just extremely comfortable. The conform well to the body and dont have any spots that push, bulge, or jab. And in my two transactions Gabe's customer service was unmatched.

Alex D

My AIWB holster from Gabe is the most comfortable IWB holster I own and I didn't expect carrying appendix would be very comfortable!

The quality, attention to detail and the fact that Gabe stands behind every holster he ships is really refreshing.

Appendix carry is great if you have the right holster...this is the right holster.

Justin Walters

I bought the Velox holster and it is the most comfortable holster I’ve owned.

The customizability of the holster is a huge plus. You can add just about any color that you like and mix and match different colors or designs. The finished product looks really clean and great.

I have absolutely no problems concealing my Glock 19 with a spare mag. The claw and wedge make this holster both comfortable and concealable.

Gabe’s a great, honest guy who builds quality products. I would buy from him again in a heartbeat. I do wish that there was an option for a light bearing gun but other than that, it’s the best holster I’ve owned!

Alex paczesny

All edges properly beveled and burnished, no harsh edges or places to scrape/scratch yourself on.

Fit is great, amazing retention, even after break-in. Solid click on holstering and clean release on the draw. Even survived a pretty rough 4 wheeler accident and kept the weapon secure.

I run the owb and a full-size handgun. Holds close and tight enough to my body it's easy enough to conceal under an untucked shirt. Ride height has enough adjustment to even wear something without an extra long shirt tail.

Spoke with the owner and had a few requests regarding my holsters, slightly less cant, more releif cut under the grip, etc... He took all those into consideration and produced a great holster, with quality components, that has survived multiple classes, every day wear and tear, as well as some pretty rough use... Can't recommend KSG enough.

John Nichols

Very comfortable

The best appendix holster concealment out there

Jim Humphrey

AIWB works well for me. Foam wedge took a few days to break in, after that I'm very happy. The design of the Synergy perfectly contours to my shape, maximizing comfort.

Both mag and pistol have adjustable retention. Impressed with the high quality clips, adjustable wing and mag tensioner...components I don't see other companies using. Ride height was exactly how I needed it, no adjusting needed. Mag release is not covered, allowing admin reload while holstered. No excess material for a nice, compact package. A lot of thought went into construction. Perfect craftsmanship.

I started out with a Velox 2yrs ago. I liked everything about that holster, except that it printed. Several other members of our league had similar designs from other companies...all same issue. The Synergy's new design that flexes in the middle, fixes the printing issue, while adding comfort. My holster now contours perfectly, and I no longer have to be conscious about printing. Nicely done.

I'm very particular about my gear, demanding perfection. Gabe was professional and accommodated my requests. Even left extra material to cover my 1911/2011 manual safety, so that I can form it to engage safety upon holster, and disengage upon draw. I couldn't even get several other companies to order an STI 2011 blue gun to even make my holster, and he made it in a few days, vs other companies that have a 2-8wk wait. I have a well known holster maker that is located 5min from me...good guys...even friends with all of them...but I still choose KSG.

arnel castillo

I love it! I got a level 3 retention holster from you a while back. It’s worked perfectly and is built like a tank. The only think that irks me is the belt mount. I can’t remember the company name, but it’s made to work on belts and be able to switch to thigh rig mounts. It gets the job done, but it sticks out a little too much and the adjustment feature is a little wonky. Still, love it!

Matte black, kydex, built like a tank, and molded well. No complaints!

It doesn’t. It’s a level three OWB.

No real complaints, I’d order it again, but it could use some small refinements if you chose to start making them again.

Parker Hilliard

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