The KSG Design Guarantee

As a company, we feel very strongly about making holsters that effectively support American gun owners. In our estimation a holster should meet 3 core objectives:

Ensure the SAFE carrying of a firearm

Stage the gun for Effective Access

Concealability and Comfort


In order to meet those 3 objectives we design every holster to meet the following guarantees:

  • Complete protection for the trigger guard. 100% safe.
  • Proper (and where possible adjustable) retention.
  • Highest quality belt attachments for retention of the holster to the belt.
  • Black and other core colors are made with .080" Boltaron®, other colors from .080" Kydex®.
  • Every holster is molded and tested with a REAL gun. No blue guns.
  • No sharp edges or square corners.
  • AIWB holsters come standard with a wing or claw and are compatible with the industry standard Modwing, Dark Wing, and RCS Claw.
  • All AIWB & IWB holsters are compatible with our universal wedge as well as most other wedge products available on the market.
  • Carefully designed to allow a full grip on the draw.
    • Optimized ride height for proper clearance above belt.
    • Sweat guard cut to the specific firearm.
    • Trigger guard relief cut for a smoother draw.
  • Optic compatible. Ready to go with your Red Dot.
  • AIWB holsters are PHLster Engima compatible.
  • Compatible with suppressor height sights.
  • Every component is sourced from a US company and every holster is designed and hand-crafted here in the USA.
  • Threadlocker included. Never lose a screw again. (User Applied)
  • A lifetime warranty on craftsmanship and materials.

Here is an illustration that helps point out some of those design features in our flagship holster, The Lexington.

Attributes of a good AIWB holster
Boltaron® is a registered trademark of Boltaron Performance Products, LLC.
Kydex® is a registered trademark of Sekisui Polymer Innovations, LLC.