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Mid-height (on both sides) is standard. When “full-height” is selected, only the body side is full-height on RH and LH holster. If it is an ambidextrous holster, then both sides will be full-height.

Extends the holster beyond your chosen model by approx 1-inch. You can also choose to have it made as long as possible. Specific lengths may also be requested in the order notes. When in doubt extend it. We can always trim more off but we can’t add material back on.

See the product description for additional details on these options.

Not sure? Choose the Modwing.

Closed cell foam wedge

Selecting “Yes” guarantees the bottom of the holster will be open-ended

By checking this box I acknowledge that this is a handcrafted American product made to order with a lead time.


The Lexington is the combination of all the right things in an AIWB kydex holster. It is designed to be durable but comfortable.

The Lexington Holster Belt Attachment Options

  • DCC Monoblock: a versatile clip that can be installed at various ride heights for AIWB use and even canted for IWB use
  • (2) PTD Soft Loops: a classic yet secure option and the most customizable solution for ride height, cant, and belt widths from 1.25″ to 1.75″ and even some 2″ wide belts
  • (2) PTD Soft Loops w/ Struts: the same as above but tuckable and with even more precise ride height adjustments, compatible with both AIWB and IWB use
  • (2) DCC Clips 1.5″ Slotted: spreads the belt load across a wider area for more stability in carrying and is the best choice 2-clip solution for AIWB use with good vertical ride height adjustment, tuckable
  • (2) DCC Clips 1.5″ Canted: the best 2-clip solution for traditional IWB use (3:00-4:30 belt position), can be angled to your desired cant, tuckable
  • (2) DCC Clips 1.75″ Slotted: same as the slotted option above but for 1.75″ belt widths
  • (2) DCC Clips 1.75″ Canted: same as the canted option above but for 1.75″ belt widths
  • None, Enigma Optimized: BYOH (Bring Your Own Hardware) or for use with the PHLster Enigma

Retention is adjustable.

The Lexington is optics ready. Regardless if you already have a red dot mounted or you plan to add one in the future the Lexington is designed to not conflict with your optic. The holster features a generous sight channel that accommodates nearly all suppressor-height sights.

The Lexington is ambidextrous by design, but we will install hardware according to the hand orientation (right-hand or left-hand) you select. If you select ambidextrous you will need to set up your own hardware (included).

Like all our holsters, you will receive threadlocker. Wear your holster for a few days and adjust ride height and cant, and when you have it dialed in how you like it, apply the included threadlocker to secure your hardware and prevent screws from backing out and being lost.

Our foam wedge, if you're planning to wear it at the appendix position, is available as an add-on. It comes with hook-and-loop tape with the “hook” side already installed on the wedge. The “loop” side is provided for you to installed exactly where you want it on the holster. If you are planning to use a 3rd party wedge product please note the RCS wedge does not bolt up to this holster.

The Lexington Holster is fully compatible with the Enigma.

The bottom of the holster is left at least partially open to ensure that anything falling into the holster will likely fall right out. If you have a threaded barrel please indicate so when ordering. Choosing the “threaded barrel” holster will guarantee the bottom of the holster is completely open-ended.

Planning on carrying it AIWB?  Besides adding a wedge it is highly recommended for most people that you consider extending the holster with the “AIWB length” option.  The extra length not only stabilizes the pistol vertically, but it also spreads out the pressure and makes it more comfortable without increasing waistband footprint.  Remember, we can always cut the holster down, but it's impossible to add it back. 😉

The Lexington comes standard with a ModWing but optionally you can use the Darkwing or the RCS Claw instead. The belt claw, sometimes called a wing, will rotate/tuck the grip into the body.  The ModWing is modular, coming with two claw heights to provide different levels of grip rotation.

Belt claw options:

  • The ModWing is our standard recommended option.  The tip of the claw is removable and has two options for height.
  • The Dark Wing (by Dark Star Gear) is tapered, designed to work synergistically with the wedge, or possibly remove the need for the wedge if you're one of the few that don't need both.  It's aggressive, creating lots of grip rotation, and is not modular.
  • The RCS VG claw extends out to the side farther than the ModWing or the Dark Star Darkwing.  This gives more grip rotation than the ModWing with less belt deformation.  It's what I use for my full size carry pistol.

The Lexington holster is vacuum-formed on CNC molds for precision, crafted from .080″ thickness of Boltaron/Kydex which is 25% thicker than the common thickness used by many other holster companies. Boltaron and Kydex are very similar, but Boltaron gets a slight edge in terms of material strength, is more resistant to deformation from being left in high-temp environments while also being more resistant to cracking in freezing temperatures. Boltaron is also more chemical and solvent resistant than Kydex. However, Boltaron is only available in a few colors while Kydex has the most color options. Holstex is another Kydex-like material that you'll find our carbon fiber colors offered in.

60-day satisfaction guarantee!  If you don't love it – for any reason – return it for a full refund.   

As these are made to order, lead time varies. Lead times for this product are updated on this page: KSG Lead Time

Some History On The Lexington Holster

For a long time, the Halcyon was the flagship holster and product here at KSG. A few years ago Kaery Dudenhofer of Kaery Concealed encouraged us to design a new holster that would accommodate smaller firearms that are have risen in popularity and that new design was named the Kaery.  Both the Halycon and Kaery holsters became our top-selling products here at KSG. However, each seemed to only bring about 75% of the “package” to the table. In 2022, we made the decision to combine the best elements of the Halcyon and Kaery designs into a single design. Enter The Lexington.

The Lexington is named for the Battle of Lexington which took place on April 19th, 1775. British troops marched toward Concord to seize arms and gun powder from the American colonists but were met with resistance when local militia assembled in both Lexington and Concord. This initial skirmish became the first battle of what was the be the American Revolutionary war. It was a resounding message to the world that American people will not give up our arms and become subjects to tyrannical rule.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 15.5 × 10 × 7 cm

15 reviews for Lexington

  1. Brian (verified owner)

    I don’t normally leave reviews but this holster is great!! I heard about it on Concealed Carry Podcast. First kydex holster that doesn’t rub me wrong or rub my finger raw when practicing my draw. Great job!!

  2. Evan Windom (verified owner)

    I own two of these – one for a Ruger SR22, and one for a Smith and Wesson M&P Shield Plus OR. I bought the one for the Ruger first as a trial, and once I had the chance to use it for a while, enthusiastically ordered one for the Shield. The only reason I can’t score the holster as five stars is because the retention on the one for the Shield was poor out of the box. I tweaked the screw but still didn’t get good retention. Then I noticed that the holster was being pushed open slightly by the front corners of the Holosun red dot. I used a knife to shave away just a little bit of material on both sides, and… bingo. Good retention that still releases the firearm easily when drawn. This holster is the most comfortable I’ve worn. I barely notice I’m wearing it. I chose the soft loops w/struts, and the short angled wedge. I would definitely recommend it, and would repurchase.

    • Jacob Paulsen

      Good feedback Evan. Glad you were able to make the adjustment needed on your end. We certainly would have done it for you at no cost. Appreciate the review and the feedback.

  3. Dan (verified owner)

    As good as it gets. I didn’t plan it it but now have a box of holsters after much trial and error. Heard about the Lexington on a podcast and gave it a try. It has a lot going on; Wing, claw, wedge…but man does this fit great! I carry the Glock 43x, Glock 19 and now Sig XMacro AIWB and this is the most comfortable set up by far. I am picky on retention and this holster model is great. It keeps the firearm pressed to the body without discomfort. Love the DC clips. Not crazy about the ‘lead time’ but I get it. If you’re on the fence, just try it, you won’t be disappointed!

  4. Wes Mosteller (verified owner)

    I am really happy with the Lexington holster! I carry my Sig p365 X Macro in the appendix position and this holster makes carrying appendix much more comfortable. Get the recommended extension you’ll be glad you opted for it after wearing it all day!
    I’ll be placing another order soon!! Well done!

  5. Juan Rosa (verified owner)

    I’ve never had a holster more comfortable! I carry a P365 X-Macro with a TD Magwell and it disappears through plain clothes, and I am a heavy set guy. I 100% recommend the holster. I got mine CF EMT red with DC clips and a Modwing and their large wedge. I am beyond happy with my purchase.

  6. Ben E (verified owner)

    I have owned ksg holsters in the past and loved them, so I ordered a Lexington for my hellcat after trying multiple other holsters that just plain sucked. This holster is the most comfortable and concealable holster I have tried yet. I’d recommend a foam wedge, but I love it and wear it daily.

  7. Pir8te (verified owner)

    I have probably tried all the IWB from the main holsters shops, and have a basket full of holsters and pads to prove it. None fit as they come no matter how much I paid after some tinkering they were workable. I was still searching trying to find my holster so so I decided to try this one, high full sweat guard mod wing and extend it …WOW super comfortable on 1st shot no pads no tinkering the 1st one I got one for my HKP30 I was so impressed I ordered a 2nd one for my CZ P-01 can’t wait to get it

  8. Johnny (verified owner)

    The Lexington is simply the best holster i have owned. I carry a Glock 19 often under a tucked in shirt. I got the extended length holster with DCC tuckable clips, and added the long angled wedge. Keeling is virtually eliminated. All day comfort is there even when sitting. I can’t be happier with it. It may not be the best holster in the world but it is clearly the best of the many I have owned.

  9. Cliff Vickery (verified owner)

    I have two Lexingtons, one for my G43 and one for my G17. Out of the multiple holsters I’ve tried over the years with mixed results, KSGs Lexington is in another league standing head and shoulders above the rest in comfort, concealability and overall craftsmanship. Cannot recommend this holster enough!

  10. Chris Cypert

    I have high standards and a short list of holsters I trust and recommend. The Lexington is an outstanding AIWB holster that provides secure retention and concealment for my G48. I have the holster orange, which provides a high visibility interior which aids in safe holstering during training. Not only is the Lexington a phenomenal holster, but the folks that run the company are serious shooters who train and test their products under pressure. I can’t recommend the KSG Lexington highly enough.

  11. Ron Baker (verified owner)

    They got my order wrong. Disappointing after the long wait for the holster. Is there a quality control or peer review process in place?

    • Jacob Paulsen

      Hey Ron, I’ve been following along with your conversation with our customer service team. It seems there was some confusion about the “threaded barrel” option when ordering a Lexington. If you choose NO to that option it doesn’t guarantee the holster will be closed. Selecting Yes on that option does guarantee it open. We have that written in the order information but its in small font and relatively easy to miss. We’ll consider how to communicate that more effectively. It does seem however that your holster was made to the specifications of the order and regardless we stand behind the work with a no questions asked return/refund policy. Thank you for giving us a chance.

  12. Jack Thomas

    I received my Lexington for my Glock 27 but unfortunately without instructions. I am unsure of how it works with the wedge. Is there a video?

    • Jacob Paulsen

      Jack, yes find various videos on our YouTube channel or here on our site in the order help menu link above. There is also an animation video on the wedge product page here on our site. We will work to make something more instructional. Thank you for the feedback.

  13. Stephen werner (verified owner)

    First off let me start by saying the lead times are crazy long. Then there is the zero updates until you ask or get the shipping confirmation. With a 15 week wait to get my holster for my CZ p07 I was very agitated. That being said, the lead times are long because they are taking their time and it’s a small business making a big wave in an ocean of an industry. They don’t keep you updated along the way because they don’t have time to and make you the perfect holster, yet they still do when you ask about it. Jason, thank you for the updates. And after all that, what you get is dare I say a near perfect holster. Well worth the wait. Thank you

  14. Stephen werner (verified owner)

    Lead time is crazy long. Zero updates along the way. That being said, lead times are long because they are a small business making a big wave in an ocean of an industry! No updates because they are busy making you the dare I say it, perfect holster and yet Jason will still update you every time you ask. Thank you. Just got a Walther PDP compact for an anniversary present from the wife. May have to get another holster.

  15. James

    The perfect holster for those who are not quite so narrow anymore. I have tried multiple holsters for my CR920P, and none of them met my expectations. Wiggle of the firearm, lack of features (like being able to use a mod wing), moving around on my belt and poor quality were all part and parcel of the experience I have had trying to get a holster. I found CC/KSG’s the Lexington and decided to take the risk and pick one up. I waited the time they said it would take (which is awhile! XD) but boy oh boy am I glad I waited. There is zero wiggle, it is comfortable and conceals under all but the most snug t-shirt. I have a tad of a gut and even so, appendix/1 o’clock carry could not be better. With the 2x slotted DCC clips, it stays where I put it and I could almost forget I have it on. If you are on the fence due to the wait times, I would advise just PULLING THE TRIGGER, as when it does get in, it should exceed all expectations. (Plus, the folks at KSG have been working the lead times lower and lower. Way to go guys!)

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