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A minimalist design that pairs perfectly with the Enigma.

Black Coyote Brown +$3.00 Gunmetal Gray +$3.00 OD Green +$3.00 Blood Red +$5.00 Blue +$5.00 EMT Red +$5.00 Orange +$5.00 Purple +$5.00 Zombie Green +$5.00 Black Carbon Fiber +$10.00 Blue Carbon Fiber +$10.00 EMT Red Carbon Fiber +$10.00

This selection will determine the height next to your body. The outside will be cut low height, unless ambidextrous is selected above, then the sweat guard will be the same on both sides.

Extends the holster beyond your chosen model by approx 1-inch. You can also choose to have it made as long as possible. Specific lengths may also be requested in the order notes.

Best for appendix carry

If an ambidextrous holster, you will automatically receive a ModWing.

By checking this box I acknowledge that this is a handcrafted American product made to order with a lead time.

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The Declaration has been stripped down to the essentials, with the Phlster Enigma being the main reason for the redesign.

If you like to carry AIWB and like to tuck your shirt in, or perhaps you don't wear clothes with traditional belt loops and need something that will work for literally every occasion, even when you're not wearing pants… then you need the Phlster Enigma.  It's a chassis that's designed to bolt up to holsters like the Declaration.

Not seeing your pistol model available?  Check the Lexington model – that's where most new options are being added.

As these are made to order, lead time varies. Lead times for this product are updated on this page: KSG Lead Time

Note that it comes without a belt clip unless you specifically add one.  You do not need the belt clip for use with the Enigma.

You can choose for it to be right-handed, left-handed, or ambidextrous.  Ambidextrous means it will come with a mid-height sweat guard both front and back.

Planning on carrying it AIWB?  Besides adding a wedge it is highly recommended for most people that you consider extending the holster with the “AIWB length” option.  The extra length not only stabilizes the pistol vertically, but it also spreads out the pressure and makes it more comfortable without increasing waistband footprint.  Remember, we can always cut the holster down, but it's impossible to add it back. 😉

History of the Declaration Holster

The Declaration, previously the Doulos and before that the Sidekick, is a simple holster design. It has less belt clip mounting points than traditionally because it was designed for optimal use with the Phlster Enigma. If you know you are buying a holster for the Enigma, the Declaration is a perfect fit providing you with the features and quality you need without the high price that normally comes with a custom made high quality holster.

The Declaration is named for the US Declaration of Independence commissioned by a vote in Congress on July 2nd, 1776, written by Thomas Jefferson, and voted on by Congress on July 4th, 1776.

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 5 cm

22 reviews for Declaration

  1. Johnny

    I purchased the Sidekick Holster with the wedge and claw and 1.5″ Belt Clips for a HK P30SK. This is my first appendix carry holster. I am coming from a hybrid-style holster. I can honestly say this holster is superior in every possible facet. I highly recommend this product to anybody interested in an appendix carry holster.

    The quality of the kydex design is superb – great retention and fit. The inclusion of the wedge and claw make for great concealment and comfort. I am an average-sized build (5’10” and 190 lb), and my P30SK disappears in this holster when concealed underneath a pair of oxford shorts and a fitted cotton T-shirt. It actually conceals better than my micro-9 sized firearm concealed in a hybrid style holster on my hip underneath the same outfit. I also personally find this holster more comfortable than the hybrid holster. It sits high enough on the waist-line that it does not dig into my leg or lower abdomen while sitting or needing to bend over. KSG’s customer support is superb as well. They were great about communicating with me throughout the entire buying process.

    There are a lot of kydex holster companies out there. For the quality of the design, the price, and the customer support, I don’t think KSG can be beat. You can buy this holster with confidence you will be highly satisfied with your purchase.

  2. JY

    I have been searching for the perfect appendix holster for my shield, and I finally found it with this holster. This was exactly what I was looking for. The first issue with a lot of holsters and the shield is the placement of the clips and the claw. On other holsters, the gun is just not long enough to allow the claw to be mounted in a way that sits in line with the belt. You end up with a claw only halfway on the belt or dropping beneath the belt line all together. You don’t have this issue with the sidekick based on the design. I also wanted a double clip system because the way it is mounted makes the holster slightly thinner.

    Finally, for my build, the shield is pretty short for appendix carry. I tend to carry a longer pistol better because it gets further down and stabilizes better. The shield can tend to tip out a bit (even with a stiff gun belt). However, sometimes I don’t want to carry a bigger/longer gun, hence why I bought the shield. The holster length on this is perfect. It runs just long enough to stabilize the gun.

    Will be buying more holsters.

  3. Shane (verified owner)

    I have just recently lost a lot of weight. OMG a LOT of weight, and my carry option, prints pretty badly now. I am super insecure about printing and living in a large city means that people are very afraid of guns. I don’t want to think about me having a gun (until I need it) and I would prefer that others not think about it too. I switched my guns (main and back up) to the S&W Shield for this very reason. I have been trying to find a good appendix carry option, but have procrastinated pretty badly on it because I was unable to find something that I thought made any sense. After my weight loss my procrastination had to come to an end. I found KSG from ASP on YouTube and I was shocked to see things that actually made sense on an appendix carry holster. My gun is super thin, so why would I want leather and clips and such all lined up on the same spot making the holster really wide. That doesn’t make any sense and thankfully KSG doesn’t do it. In fact everything about this holster helps keep it low profile. When I got the holster I was very happy about the fit and finish, and the quality is very apparent in the finished product. Then I tried it on. HOLY COW!!! It was actually comfortable. That, I was not expecting. I figured with all the kydex and possible pinch points that I would have to get some callouses for it to ever be comfortable. I was blown away by how wrong I was. Sitting down moving around all no problem, in fact I just left it on and ended forgetting that I was even wearing it. This is a seriously good holster and I am very happy that I got. Money very well spent.

  4. alexis.whitman2012 (verified owner)

    First of all, I want to mention that I carry a SCCY CPX 2 and this pistol is NOT a listed option. However, prior to purchase, I emailed Gabe and inquired what my chances might be to have a holster made. He replied not a problem at all! Pick any pistol on the list, and simply make mention in the notes I am needing a holster for my SCCY CPX 2. So, I did just that.
    I purchased this pistol on Monday, December 17.
    The holster was made and in my possession by Monday, December 24!

    I have not yet obtained my CCL, so I am only able to carry around my home for practice, but the holster is very comfortable. I would like to make mention that I am a woman, 5′ 7″ weighing 162 pounds, and have absolutely no problem concealing this holster and pistol. I find that carrying at 12:30 and 4:30 positions are the most comfortable and concealable for me and my body. I prefer to keep the pistol appendix so that I can visually clear the holster each and every time. I have a very difficult time clearing the holster and accessing the pistol when I have it at the 4:30 position.

    I know I am new at this, and don’t have much to offer as far as experience and insight, but from what I have realized of this holster, I am through the roof excited. I reached out to four companies trying to find a holster for my pistol, and Gabe was the only individual who replied with a yes. The retention is amazing! When I turn the pistol upside down and shake semi vigorously, the pistol stays exactly where it ought to. However, grabbing the pistol handle with intention easily un-holsters the gun and the draw is clean. It’s just amazing.

    Today, for the third day in a row, I have worn my set up for a duration of nearly eight hours around my home, and I am not bothered in the least. I can sit, bend over, and walk without qualm. I do wish I had purchased the discrete carry concept clips, but I imagine I can purchase these independently another time.

    I cannot imagine supporting another company for anything holster related.
    I would recommend this company to anyone!

  5. Andrea C

    I carry an M&P 9mm, and love how sleek this holster is. I have the wedge and wing, and it helps keep the grip against my smallish frame (mom pouch pushes the grip out, but the wedge and wing help a lot). Great retention, sleek design, and smooth finish. No sharp edges!

  6. Seth Robinson (verified owner)

    I was hunting around for a quality custom holster and saw a video by John @ A.S.P. talking about his gear. Two options caught my eye with this holster… the wedge to minimize “printing” and the soft loops for flexible security. Both features give this thing an edge in my mind. Highly recommend getting the foam wedge just incase the RCS wedge is uncomfortable albeit nothing you can’t get used to.

    I am extremely happy with this and by far the best holster in my collection. May have to use the older, bulky, universal holsters for target practice. 😉 Thanks a ton for the awesome gear, KSG!!

  7. Chad G (verified owner)

    This is (almost) the perfect holster for the Shield. The default ride height is too high, which is common in micro-compacts like the Shield, so it’s a bit top heavy and pushes out. You can adjust the ride height down, but DCC clips have only two holes for attachment rather than the three that the RCS have, so the clip on the trigger side will only be attached with one screw if you lower it. This seems to be working ok, but just something to note. Also, the DCC clips are definitely worth it if you would like the option of carrying in sturdy/belt-less pants. Very high quality holster.

    • Gabe New

      Chad, switch the clips. Put the short one over the sights, and move the long one over the trigger. The short one defaults to the trigger guard side so as to not poke your leg.

      If you’re going to carry it AIWB, the slotted version of the DCC clip is preferable, as the ride height is more easily adjustable.

  8. Jake B.

    I purchased the sidekick with soft loops, claw and pad in multicam. The issue was, when I went to put in my order the website was down???? so, I went to see if there was a Facebook page to see if I could figure out when the site would be back up, messaged them (they prefer Emails) and they took my order right over messenger! I also told them that I’d really like to have it for my next range day, so I paid the extra $25 and they had my holster to my door in four days! I couldn’t believe it. I’ve tried three other companies and the service alone is nothing I’ve ever known before. The fit and finish is impeccable, and the padding is by far the best innovation I’ve seen in holsters since the claw. It’s much softer than the raven concealment option, bit still very effective. And the amount of adjustment is more than enough to fit anybody’s needs, especially with soft loops! I’ll absolutely be buying from ksg armory again once they start selling OWB holsters, which I was told that may be in the very near future. If you’re on the fence about this holster company I highly suggest you give them a shot. As a larger person carrying appendix, I almost forget I’m carrying a firearm WHILE SITTING!

  9. Rob (verified owner)

    Bought for my Glock 43X and love it. Extremely comfortable, especially with the foam pad. Bought the extra clips and it makes it even that much better. Would recommend this product to anyone and I have. Keep up with the great products.

  10. Patrick

    Top quality holster and the one I recommend most in my CCW class for any AIWB carry. Kydex is ridged and the gun stays in place. Use it for both my VP9 and VP9sk for EDC and would stack it up against another holster like it. This was the first time I have been able to comfortably carry AIWB largely due to the adjustable ride hight and wedge. Couldn’t ask for a better product.

  11. Darrick J Schlossmann

    This is the holster that I use when I don’t feel like using my Velox holster. It is comfortable. Retention has a nice click so I know that my pistol isn’t going anywhere. This holster conceals very well on me.

  12. James E Lindbloom (verified owner)

    Wow, just awesome for my Doulos with struts and loops for my HK P30SK (with safety). Perfect fit, a breeze to put on and conceals perfectly (I’m 5′ 9″” and 160 lbs). No gouging and I can actually do yard work as well as computer work. Really nice ..

  13. Terry (verified owner)

    I have a couple of the Doulos and both are great. Concealment and retention are exceptional as is the fit and finish. The wing really keeps the grip in tight and the wedge keeps the top in too. Did I mention that it’s the most comfortable kydex holster that I have ever worn? KSG is my go to for holsters now!

  14. John L

    I’m not a review kind of guy. In fact, this is my first, so that will give you an idea of how impressed I am. Like a lot of you, I have amassed a drawer full of holsters in my quest to find a holster I could CCW comfortably. Well, that quest has ended. I ordered the Doulos for my Glock 19 a couple of weeks ago. It came within a few days and I’ve been wearing it ever since. I’m a big guy (6’1″ 350 lbs) and i carry AIWB. This holster is so comfortable I forget I’m wearing it. I’m talking perfect fit. Printing is non-existent (I ordered mine with a claw and a wedge so I can recommend both. They only cost a couple of bucks each and you can always remove either or both if you want, but I think they work great together). The biggest surprise is how well the double belt clips stabilize the holster so there is no sag and the grip doesn’t get lost behind my belt. I always know where to grip my gun because it doesn’t move. I will definitely be ordering one for my XDS and CZ P 07 ASAP.
    On top of everything else it’s kinda sexy looking too, don’y you think? 🙂
    Keep up the good work Gabe!

  15. Brandon Montano (verified owner)

    Gabe made the best holster I’ve ever owned for concealment and protection. Not only did he exceed standards when it came to quality, his customer service was better than any other company or website. I orginally purchased the Doulos for my full size Springfield TRP, the firearm has a full rail. The holster was made custom made to fit my firearm. I couldn’t be happier with the way it feels as well as the function. Just want to give a HUGE thanks to Gabe at KSG Armory for all the hard work you do. I will continue to shop here anytime I need something and someone I can count on. Carrying is a way of life. It is something that becomes a part of you, and this company is supplying confidence, concealment and comfortability. Anyone reading this, if you’re thinking about buying a new holster and don’t know where to begin. THIS IS THE PLACE TO START. Protect yourself and your loved ones with the best. Make the purchase. You won’t regret it.

  16. Dave Boyd (verified owner)

    I have had my Duolos for about two weeks now and I could not be more impressed. It fits my gun perfectly, the dual clips are amazing, the claw works perfectly and I am so glad I got the attached wedge! I have never had an AIWB holster that was comfortable to sit down with and drive with. This one is! Also Gabe is the man! He worked with me and looked at photos of my gun to get the right holster mold and he added my gun to the drop down on his website so I could purchase what I needed. I have been telling everyone I know about how amazing the holster, Gabe, and KSG Armory are!

  17. James E Lindbloom (verified owner)

    Wow! My new Doulos AIWB fits my PX4 Compact Carry like a glove. I hardly even know that I’m carrying. Could not be happier.

  18. James H (verified owner)

    So torn on this review. I’ve had it for over a year now (I believe it was the Sidekick when I bought it). The holster is of great quality with rounded edges, great retention and actually makes carrying a Walther PPQ45 pretty dang comfortable. However, one day I noticed that a small portion on the front right side of the slide’s tenifer finish had been worn down to the metal. I noticed that upon holstering and unholstering the firearm that part of the inside hardware attaching the soft loop strut was scratching the slide. Overall it’s a great holster but the fact that I have a slide left to refinish eventually is really disappointing considering the price. Thanks.

  19. James H (verified owner)

    Hey this is an update to a 2-star review of a Sidekick holster (now Doulos) that I posted on March 14, 2020. When Gabe saw my review he was genuinely disappointed to hear that I was having a problem with my holster and reached out to me almost immediately. It was NOT customer service that reached out, it was Gabe, the dude that actually made the holster. I’m grateful that he is willing to stand behind his products 100% instead of letting a customer with a minor issue just dangle in the wind. As you can tell by my initial review, the holster itself is top shelf. In the end, so was the service.

  20. David D (verified owner)

    The Doulos is Top Quality. Fit and finish is flawless. My body style is hard to match because I print easy, I’m thin boned. The combination of the claw and wedge tackles the problem of printing and also makes it more comfortable by balancing the weight of the weapons handle and holding it against the body securely, its what makes this holster work so well. That’s why I’ll be ordering another holster the light bearing version. Communication is directly with Gabe the owner he replies quickly and is very accommodating.
    The best experience I’ve had with holsters!

  21. Austin C (verified owner)

    The Doulos is an absolutely fantastic holster. I’ve only had it a few days and it’s MILES better than the Vedder LightTuck I’d been using. It’s extremely comfortable and the two separate belt clips means it doesn’t change cant on me during the day. It’s so perfect, I’d honestly be hesitant to buy a new carry gun that this holster isn’t made for.

  22. Amanda (verified owner)

    This was my first purchase of an appendix holster after a lot of research. (Recommended by Active Self Protection) It is very well made and fits my P365 perfectly with a nice distinctive click when holstering. I had a question and got a quick email back from the owner which made me glad to buy from him. Overall, I am really happy with my purchase and after trying it all day for the first time carrying appendix it was pretty comfortable and concealed well.

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