Dark Wing


Appendix carry claw/wing.


The claw is designed to sit behind the belt and rotate the grip in to the body.  It is designed specifically for appendix carry, but it will work the same, regardless of position.

Made of injection-molded plastic, these claws are much more durable than the kydex versions.

This is the DarkWing from Dark Star Gear.  It doesn't extend as far out as the RCS Claw, but it stands taller and is also angled from bottom to top, to work synergistically with a wedge and tip the rear sights into your body.  This wing has a 3rd hole, allowing you to make drill a tiny hole in your holster to affix it, unrelated to the tension screws.

Available for either right or left-handed use.

We can make no guarantee that it will fit your holster.


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