Phlster Classic

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A dedicated appendix carry model originally designed by PHLster.

No left hand options

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The same PHLster Classic holster as the original but with added hardware attachment blocks. Fixed retention and with the addition of an integrated wedge.

Jon Hauptman considerately sold me his retired molds from the PHLster Classic line.  KSG Armory is proud to uphold the tradition of quality and service of PHLster, and is responsible for the customer service and warranty work only for the holsters bought from us; if you bought it elsewhere you need to go back to your original supplier if you're having a problem.  KSG Armory and PHLster are not engaged in business together. 🙂

These are the same PHLster Classic holsters loved by many over the years but with the improvement of added hardware mounting blocks which allow for the following configurations:

  • Single 1.5” or 1.75” DCC slotted clip mounted on the wing
  • Two 1.5” or 1.75” DCC slotted clips
  • Single soft loop (mounted on strut)
  • Two PTD soft loops (one on strut, one on holster body)
  • Two PTD soft loops (both on struts, tuckable)
  • Enigma-optimized (no belt hardware)

Using the industry standard belt claw – sometimes called a wing – with a hole spacing of 5/8″ and having fixed retention, it's Enigma compatible.  You have three options for the claw: Modwing, DSG Dark Wing, or RCS VG claw.  If you're unsure, choose the Modwing as it's modular.

Although there is an integrated wedge molded in, you can add the comfort pad to spread out the pressure and reduce movement.  If you want to add to the wedge bulk, I recommend the large foam wedge which you'll have to trim to your liking.  It comes with the self adhesive hook and loop (generic Velcro™) needed to affix it.

The length is set up for the various full size guns; e.g. if you order for a G19 it comes G17 length, or for the P320 compact it comes as long as the full size (P320 X-Five pistol slides will be right at the very end of the holster).

As these are made to order, lead time varies. Lead times for this product are updated on this page: KSG Lead Time

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 5 cm

4 reviews for Phlster Classic

  1. Rebecca Smith

    This holster is so comfortable! I am currently 23 weeks pregnant and it hasn’t bothered me at all. Good concealment and retention, as well. Very impressed with it! 🙂

  2. Dillon Clemons

    I CANNOT stress enough how much I love this holster. I’ve been through so many holsters, over the years, and this one absolutely takes the cake. I carry IWB at 3 o’ clock (because I have a bit of a gut problem) and this is easily the most comfortable holster I’ve carried with. If you pay extra for the leather contouring flap, you will not regret it. I’ve literally forgotten that I was carrying because of how comfortable this holster is. I’ve carried with Raven’s Eidolon, Bravo Concealment, T Rex Arms, and many others, but KSG has settled my ultimate struggle of searching for the best all around holster. I will be buying one for every gun I carry, from now on and you all should too!

  3. Frank (verified owner)

    Holster is perfect. Excellent concealment, retention, and precision made. There was a slight hiccup with the order fulfillment, however, the folks at KSG worked with me and everything came in perfect. Would purchase from them again.

  4. DM (verified owner)

    Even better than the original PHLster Classic. Now compatible with dual DCC clips (or overhooks). The purple P320 holster shown is mine and it has met all of my expectations and beyond. Dual clips, single clips, PTD loop, whatever you want, it will accommodate it. It’s one of my favorite holsters to date.

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