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A Sidecar style appendix carry holster with detachable magazine carrier.

Right or left

It’s always optic compatible at no extra charge.

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2 foam wedges, easily trimmed with a sharp knife

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Looking for an AIWB holster with the magazine carrier attached?  The Knox is it, and has been updated to be more adjustable and durable.  This holster is designed for AIWB – appendix carry inside the waistband – and will disappoint you if moved to any other position.

Why carry a spare magazine – or anything else – forward of the hips along with your pistol?  First, because it balances the bulge.  This not only pulls the belt in on the gun side, but smooths out that tell tale lump.  Secondly, because it's easier to check for printing than items carried behind you.

The Knox has been updated in order to make the magazine carrier detachable, and also to allow a much wider range of flexibility and adjustability.  The more traditional design that is fixed is prone to breakage unless it matches your body curve exactly.  A hinge is inferior as it only allows movement in one dimension.  This one allows the holster to flex as you move and you can adjust the ride height of the gun and magazine independently.

The standard belt clips provided are an easy on/off the belt solution and are somewhat adjustable for ride height.  They are available in 1.5″ or 1.75″ width and should match your belt as closely as possible.  Do NOT order the largest size thinking they'll work well on all belts, you'll be disappointed.  You can lower the holster to ride deeper, or leave it as set in order to acquire a full firing grip on the draw.  The Discreet Carry Concepts (DCC) clips are micro adjustable for ride height due to their slots.

Sweat guard choices: none, medium, or full.  You can watch this video on what choice will work best for you.

As these are made to order, lead time varies. Lead times for this product are updated on this page: KSG Lead Time

22 reviews for Knox

  1. Joseph (verified owner)

    5 Stars! My favorite appendix rig! Fits my Glock 17, 19, and 26. The foam wedge makes it very comfortable to wear all day. Solid craftsmanship and retention. Quick turn around time. I gladly just purchased another for my 43.

  2. blockr (verified owner)

    10/10, the Velox is great. It’s comfortable, it arrived in a timely manner, and I’d say it’s on par with its price point. I can now appendix carry all day in a comfortable manner. I carry a Glock 17 and am a slim guy. Matched this with a Blue Alpha Gear Hybrid belt and I feel great. Thanks KSG!

  3. Juan (verified owner)

    Best AIWB holster rig by a mile. Ever since I started using the Velox, I have not looked back. I have three now for three different weapon systems. The comfort. The concealment. The attention to detail. Everything about this holster just works.

  4. Cesar “The Man” Malpica Jr (verified owner)

    I was very skeptical about carrying AIWB. I’m a stocky guy (6’, 225 lbs) and I thought for sure AIWB wouldn’t work for me. I did a little research and took the plunge with the Velox for my VP9SK. After a few days for tweaking and break-in, I love this holster. Amazing quality, superb comfort (once broken in) and absolute concealment. I used to carry at 3 o’clock OWB always bumping into things in my side, and I tried carrying at 5 o’clock always printing (and ruining my shirts). With the Velox, I don’t have any issues at all. Keep up the great product line KSG. I will purchase all my holster from you now on.

  5. tltyler37 (verified owner)

    I just got my holster the turn around time on it was amazing! I love the holster it fits perfect holds tight to the body great concealment. The gun will not come out unless you want it to and the holster finish is amazing no sharp edges smooth lines a great product HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product

  6. Ramon L Morales

    The best holster that I tried, it fits my xd mod 2 9mm 3″ very well, excellent retention system. It’s very comfortable and I am a 44″ size man. Excellent job gabe.

  7. Zach Colombo (verified owner)

    Recieved my Velox a few days ago for my Glock 17 and and man am I impressed!! I have to say it is by far the comfiest holster I have ever worn, The foam cushion makes it so much easier when sitting or squatting and the claw design does a great job of pressing the grip of my gun into my body so I’m not printing, the retention is amazing right out of the box and the belt hooks are awesome having fully adjustable ride height and cant with more than enough size for a thick belt but still works great on my skinny fabric belt as well… I was starting to become skeptical if someone my size (5’9” & 150#) could even AIWB carry a full sized Glock but this holster made it easy and comfortable!!! Definitely will recommend to everyone I know who carries! THANK YOU!

  8. Ken S. (verified owner)

    I received this about two weeks ago. My CC License is now in. Shipping was Very Fast for my Glock 26 Gen 5. I carry a 10 round with an extension +2 and a Glock 17 19 Round Mag. 32 rounds of fun if I ever need to go. OK I am 6’1″ tall and a little heavy 258 LBS. Let’s just say I adjusted the tension on the Gun and the Mag. I lowed the ride and with the way this fits and rides on my heavy body I am more than able to carry without anyone knowing no printing unless I ware a form flitting shirt. You do not have to worry abut any issues with this holster. I have carried in the Military and the holsters SUCKED compared to this. I mowed the lawn today with this holster, went to the range, and dry-fired for an hour. No issues on my end. You almost forget you have the rig on. Folks you are worried about hurting yourself . . you must have good trigger disciplined and understand how to re-holster your weapon with any rig you use. Look down and soon you will not have too. This holster has a very nice click when the gun is holstered with excellent retention. I rolled around on the floor with the dogs, Dobermans, no issues. Very high quality product! I can draw in 1.81 seconds withrounds on target. I am working on the speed. I plan to buy another for my Glock 34.

  9. mark.friday123 (verified owner)

    Was alittle upset about the price but I ordered mine anyway and I have to say this has to be my favorite holster so far. Extreamly comfortable and conceals my Glock 43 very nicely. I’m thinking about getting one for my Glock 22.

  10. Andrea C

    I’ve been using my Volex holster for about a month now, and it’s great! I really like the fact that it has a mag holster attached to it, and with the wedge attached, I print way less than my previous holster. Some notes I want to share, I’m 5′ 4″ and roughly 140 with a mom pouch :/ So the printing is a big deal to me (my last holster had people doing the ‘are you expecting’ look ).
    Another size note, as a female, I’m not terribly wide, so the holster does take up a lot of space. That means that my belt buckle is way off to the side, and when I need to use the restroom, I need to unattach one side of the holster so I can get to the button and zipper. No problem, just something that took me a while to figure out.
    I’m a very ‘budget conscious’ person (tight wad) so I was hesitant to purchase this holster because it took most of my gun accessory money, but I feel like was well worth it!

  11. Jim (verified owner)

    Simply outstanding.

  12. Garretlj (verified owner)

    Just got this holster a little while ago. It’s really comfortable! I can conceal a Glock 19 and a spare 17 round mag perfectly with a T-shirt and jeans. And I’m only 5’6” 135lbs so that’s pretty impressive I can’t conceal with most holsters without a sweat shirt or something over top. And quality is top notch! I mean perfect! The edges are rounded off really nice and smooth everything he does it’s over the top and it looks great too!

  13. Jose Z. (verified owner)

    So I was skeptical of buying thisbholster because I e never heard of this site, I just googled holsters and this site came up. I began doing some research on why other holsters completely sucked. During my research I found out what helps conceal the holsters, why I can’t appendix carry other holsters and what guns work and what guns don’t.

    I ordered a Velox holster from KSG Armory. At first I was thinking I got scammed because I never received an email or confirmation number or anything. I began to panic. I sent multiple messages and even found a phone number to call. Finally I got a hold of KSG Armory through Facebook. I was sent a tracking number. When I checked the tracking number, I received my holster already in my PO Box within 3 days!!!

    So here came the test. I’ve never had luck with appendix carry whatsoever cause I’m a somewhat husky guy at 220 lbs. and a 38 sized waist. I tried the holster out for the first day and felt it to be somewhat uncomfortable on my crotch. I felt the foam pressuring up against my crotch and did not like it at all, but I didn’t give up. I read somewhere that after a while the foam will thin out and become way more comfortable. I wore the holster now for about a week and today (day 6), I forgot I was wearing it. I was carrying a Sig P320 RXcompact with an extra magazine, appendix carry. I could never be more happy with a holster. This company puts a LOT of work and effort into their holsters and touch things up to the very finest finishes. I appreciate every little detail and am forever grateful!! Thank you so much KSG Armory!

  14. Michael Fox (verified owner)

    I’ve been running the Velox for a few months now with my G19 and I have to say it is excellent! I absolutely love this holster. It has been the only one I’ve used since starting to carry with it! Gabe is delivering a excellent product that’s been well thought out and built to some of the highest standards I’ve seen from a holster shop yet. If you want a appendix rig this is the one that has checked every box for me and that’s taken years with drawers full of holsters. I’d recommend this product to anyone!

  15. Abraham Hall (verified owner)

    Of all the dedicated appendix rigs I have worn, this one is by far the most comfortable. The wedge helps with both concealment and comfort. Retention is excellent and the opening is somewhat wider for easy reholstering (at least for the Clock model). I would highly recommend this for anyone looking to appendix carry.

  16. Darrick J Schlossmann

    This is a great holster. I’ve owned it for a couple of years now. Still works and looks great. It is comfortable and the retention is spot on. I highly recommend this holster!

  17. Ryan Duncan (verified owner)

    I’ve tried a few other names out there for G17 appendix rig, but by far my favorite is KSG’s Velox. Amazing quality, super fast response time, Perfect retention on both firearm and mag. The 17 is barely noticeable, but that’s only because of my magwell flare.

    I was very skeptical about trying to conceal my 17, I’m 5’8”, 205lbs, but the Velox hides it so well.

  18. Anthony Montoya (verified owner)

    Received the Velox holster for Christmas, and couldn’t be happier! I carry a full size Glock 17 and is the most comfortable holster I have ever had! Very well made, and will definitely be ordering from Gabe again!

  19. John Lozon Jr. (verified owner)

    I’ve been wearing it almost a month now and I have nothing but good things to say. It’s really comfortable and concealable. Since I have started wearing it, I’ve moved it from the center 12:00 position, to more like a 1:30 position. I moved the mag side belt loop to the closer holes to the gun and moved my gun belt buckle to the 10:00/10:30 position. Makes it a lot easier taking your pants off because it’s all on your right side, nothing is hooked on your left. Love the DCC belt clips; really stiff and just grab what ever you wear. I can get away without a belt in some instances. It hides my Glock 19 Gen 5 very well and tucks it in close to the body. I can’t wait to see how the full size hides. Thanks.

  20. Keoni A.

    Can’t say enough great things about this holster, I’m a fairly large person at 6’3″ 225lbs. and this holster conceals a full frame handgun (glock 45) very well and it does it comfortably. I appreciate the fact the wedge is removable, I personally find it to fit me better without it. The amount of options to choose from are fantastic, I upgraded to the dcc steel clips and this rogue has been worth every penny. And as a bonus it shipped quickly and on time.

  21. Shane (verified owner)

    I have tried carrying appendix for a while never could find holster that worked for me. Everything was uncomfortable. I am 5’10” 285lbs. I have tried everything could not find anything that worked. I recently found the velox and researched it. After reaserching for about a week decided to buy. The turn around was great, i received it way quicker than expected. I tried it out over the weekend after receiving. Almost instantly i knew this would be my edc holster. I carry a glock 19 and this is the best holster i have ever used. I have tried a lot of the other name brand holster that everyone said was best. They did not work for me, nt saying they are bad, just not for me. KSG will be my holster for life. Thank you for suck a great product

  22. Abe (verified owner)

    The quality of the holster is pretty great! It hides well, light, smooth edges, easy to draw from, and aesthetically pleasing. My issues are with primarily the wait time, customer service and actually not having my belt shipped with my holster. My holster went from 3-4 weeks to almost 5 and sometimes it would take days to get a reply. I’m hoping to never have a real issue with the harness because I’d like to avoid having to deal with them again for issues. Over all not bad.

    • Jacob Paulsen

      Abe, thank you for your business. The delays with production and customer service are not normal. We are working really hard right now to put all our resources into catching up with that backlog. I’m confident you will not have that challenge in the future.

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