Discreet Carry Concepts Belt Clips

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Discreet Carry Concepts clips.


The Discreet Carry Concepts clips are made of spring steel and are an excellent choice if you’re concerned about the durability of the clips, or want to reduce the profile.  They have the added advantage of grabbing clothing, enabling you to wear the holster without a belt, as long as your pants are capable of holding the weight.

Developed by professionals in the industry who not only carry guns daily, but are required to regularly employ violence all along the spectrum of violence, these clips have been tested rigorously and passed with flying colors.

SOLD INDIVIDUALLY. If you need a pair increase quantity to 2.

Please read the following descriptions carefully, there are several options available.

The “Universal” clips are height adjustable using slots, enabling you to make micro-adjustments to the ride height, but their cant adjustment is minimal.   This makes them ideal for appendix carry, where you want the holster to – mostly – ride straight up and down.

The “Shorty” clips are cant adjustable but their height adjustment is minimal.

Still can't decide what you need?

  • The RCS clips remain the most affordable.
  • The strut and soft loops remain the most versatile option.
  • The DCC clips are the lowest profile and are more durable than the struts.

PLEASE NOTE: Since we do not know in what configuration you intend to use the item, IT DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY SCREWS OR HARDWARE. If you would like a hardware kit with a variety of hardware configurations, you can find that here: https://ksgarmory.com/product/replacement-hardware/

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 8 × 10 × 1.5 cm

4 reviews for Discreet Carry Concepts Belt Clips

  1. Mike D

    The concept is good but way overpriced. Half the price of the holster. If these were like 4 bucks a piece would be a much better value.

  2. Tom R

    I bought a KSG holster second hand from a buddy and added a pair of these Mod 4 clips. First, your holster is phenomenal. Even though I did not buy it new you earned a customer for life. With regards to these attachments, they are bomb proof. Incredibly strong and my stuff stays put as it’s locked into my waistline with or without a belt. Out of sight and out of mind, it’s nice to know that my stuff will stay put until it’s deliberately removed.

  3. Dike M

    Priced at a bargain when you consider these aren’t cheap Chinese clips or injection molded ones. Quality USA made metal spring steel clips are well worth the $12 per clip INO.

  4. Sully Cortez

    The best IWB “clips” period. They allow tucked shirts, as well as the most serious support when it comes to actually engagement forces being applied on the holster. Paired with a good belt, the holster isn’t coming off. The new gold standard in holster hardware.

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