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The holster is ambidextrous but we are happy to attach all your hardware based on the hand orientation you intend to use.

Mid-height (on both sides) is standard. If you select Ambidextrous above and full height below, it will be full height on BOTH sides. If you select right or left-handed above and full height below, the inside will be full height and the outside will be mid-height

A customizable foam wedge

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You want a light on your pistol and want to keep others in the dark about that?  The Revere will do it.

Adding a light is often bulky, even with a small light on a small pistol.  This is an unavoidable fact, but utilizing a modular belt claw and optional foam wedge allows you to customize concealment to a remarkable extent.

Right hand, left hand, ambidextrous use?  It's your choice.  If you want a sweat guard with a dedicated use for right or left hand, that's available.  If you want something ambidextrous, the sweat guard height you select will be the same on both sides of the holster. (Mid-height usually works the best.) Also, while you will perform hardware attachment yourself if you select ambidextrous, your holster will arrive with the wing attached for right-hand use as we need to test holster fitment and retention before it leaves our shop.

The slide length will be at least as long as the light, as there's no advantage to cutting it down and in fact, doing so can create a hot spot.  Thus, there is no option for the G43X MOS + TLR7 sub, just the G48 version.  Likewise with Sig's P365 & 365XL versions.

Enigma compatible!  🙂  Important note: it comes standard with two 1.5″ RCS clips.  If you want no clips for use with an Enigma, that saves money.  If you want to upgrade the RCS clips to DCC clips, that is extra.

If you're still using a traditional belt, we've got you covered with your choice of either Discreet Carry Concepts clips or struts and loops.  If you're planning to carry AIWB I recommend the DCC clips as they're lower profile and for strong side the struts and loops are superior as they allow you to fine tune the combination of ride height and cant.

It's important to note that both the pistol and light models must match exactly and you cannot use the pistol without the light properly attached.

Lead Time Varies but we keep lead time information updated here: KSG Lead Time

The History of the Revere / Lumos Holster

The Revere, previously named the Lumos, is a simple but effective light bearing oriented holster design. It is named for Paul Revere and his midnight ride. Patriots utilized the Old North Church in Boston to signal to Paul Revere the route that the British Troops would take on their advance to Concord. One lantern if by land and two lanterns if by sea. Paul Revere and other patriots rode through the country side to warn local militias of the advance of the troops and this led to the first skirmish of the war at Lexington and then Concord.

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  1. Hunter (verified owner)

    The Lumos is a very well made holster, I use it on my enigma with my 365 Spectre Comp, and got one for my girlfriend with her CR920 as well. I run a 507K and TLR-7 Sub, and there is barely enough room for the optic but it does still fit (because sig decided to leave room the rear sights to stay on for the Spectre 365s) The holster is very lightweight which makes it very nice to carry. You can really crank down on the retention if you want as well. If you’re using an enigma, because of the leg leash, you can get it to where it is very snug in the holster and only a firm draw will get it out, which I really like. I’ve gone on a run with it, and had no issues with retention. KSG staff was also very responsive and helpful throughout the entire process, and I am very pleased. If anyone was wondering, there is also a slot cut for a threaded barrel if you have one. Very nice, considering most companies charge extra for that.

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