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The Halycon has been discontinued and replaced by the Lexington. Please check out the Lexington which includes all the things you loved about the Halycon!

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The Halcyon (formerly the Ares) is the most durable model that we make, ideal for use in force on force training where lots of stress is regularly applied to the holster.  If we don't offer the pistol model that you want, check out the Doulos with DCC clips.  This model, the Halcyon, is the superior option for strong side carry.

Lead time averages 1-2 weeks.  That is an estimate, not a promise.

The soft loops, coming standard, will fit 1.25″, 1.5″, or 1.75″ belts.  Angle of cant is adjustable by moving one or both of the soft loops.  If you'd prefer a single clip that is tuckable, that's an option.  You can adjust ride height and cant with the Discreet Carry Concepts clip.  The DCC clip will give a wider range of adjustment, while the soft loops are easier to get on/off the belt.

The belt claw, sometimes called a wing, will rotate/tuck the grip into the body and comes standard.  It is modular, coming with two claw heights to provide different levels of grip rotation.  If you decide you want no tuck at all, just remove the claw tip with a Phillip's head screw driver.  If you want the RCS or DSG claw, please make a note on the order asking for it.  The claw comes standard at no extra cost.

A wedge, if you're planning to wear it at the appendix position, is available as an addon.  Important note: the RCS wedge does not bolt up to this holster.

Retention is adjustable.

Red dot optic compatibility comes standard on this holster.  Note that if you choose a full height sweat guard it will NOT cover the rear sights.  If you want a full height guard that covers the rear sights, order full height and make a note on the order requesting it.

The holster features a generous sight channel which accommodates suppressor height sights.

The bottom of the holster is left open to accommodate threaded barrels and ensure that anything falling into the holster will likely fall right out.  It will be slightly longer than the pistol to prevent anything from bumping it up and losing proper retention.

Planning on carrying it AIWB?  Besides adding a wedge (foam only, the RCS wedge will not bolt up) it is highly recommended that you go with the “AIWB length” option.  The extra length not only stabilizes the pistol, but it also spreads out the pressure and makes it more comfortable.  Remember, we can always cut the holster down, but it's impossible to add it back. 😉

Belt claw options:

  • The Modwing comes standard.  The tip of the claw is removable and has two options for height.
  • The RCS VG claw sticks out to the side farther than the Modwing or the Dark Star Darkwing.  This gives more grip rotation than the Modwing with less belt deformation.  It's what I use for my full size carry pistol.
  • The Dark Star Gear Darkwing is tapered, designed to work synergistically with the wedge, or possibly remove the need for the wedge if you're one of the few that don't need both.  It's aggressive, creating lots of grip rotation, and is not modular.

Vacuum formed on CNC molds for precision, it is crafted from the industry standard .08 thickness of Boltaron/Kydex.

30 day satisfaction guarantee in black!  If you don't love it – for any reason – return it for a full refund.  This does NOT apply to the various other colors and patterns.

Please note that not every model is available in both left and right hand options at this time.  RH or LH will denote which is which; I'm not as good at building websites as I am at building holsters.  

Lead time averages 5 – 14 days.  This is an estimate, not a promise.    Thank you for your patience.  I'm a one man operation most of the time, and life doesn't always go according to plan.



13 reviews for Halcyon

  1. Gage (verified owner)

    The most comfortable AIWB holster I have ever worn.

  2. Jacob (verified owner)

    I appendix carry a Glock 19 with this holster. KSG puts a lot of care into making every edge on this holster rounded for comfort. As a big guy with a gut, it’s been difficult for me to find a holster that checks all the boxes when looking for a nice appendix carry holster. Well, the Ares does just that. Changing the cant and ride height is done easily with a philips head screw driver. And the soft belt loops + the claw + the wedge is what makes this thing so special, concealable, and comfortable. It has very good retention once tightened to your comfort level of tension – I prefer mine in the medium range of tension. It allows you to get a really great and full grip on the pistol while holstered. They put a nice big mold over the sights for suppressor sights (not too much though). I plan on putting a red dot on my EDC Glock – and I have zero doubts that this holster, out of the box, has enough room for my Vortex Viper. Everything on this holster just says quality. And it’s very well planned out. I chose the Wolf Gray to match my Lipsey Exclusive gray framed Glock.

    If you’re a big guy looking for an appendix carry holster that you can retain the ability to actually sit down with – this is it. Very impressed with this thing.

    – Adjustable ride height and cant
    – Wedge
    – Claw
    – Soft yet tough belt loops, which allows big dudes to actually sit down
    – All edges rounded
    – Adjustable tension
    – Room for RMR and suppressor sights
    – Fully covered trigger
    – It’s not any larger than it needs to be

  3. Alexander Castro (verified owner)

    Great holster, well and smart made, detailed, pristine quality overall

  4. Ricardo Guzman Jr (verified owner)

    My first holster, its great and very comfortable.

  5. Cody Green (verified owner)

    I have carried this holster every single day for almost 2 years, and I have never had any problems with it. The only thing I have had to replace has been the foam wedge, and I change it every 4-6 months depending on how much abuse it has taken. I am also going to order the new light bearing holster as soon as I buy a light. I carry a HK VP9.

  6. Chris Weismann (verified owner)

    I just received my Halcyon for my commander sized 1911.
    The fit is terrific and finishing flawless.
    I’ve been a customer of KSG for years now and plan to stay one. Gabe’s attention to the design speaks for itself.
    Well built, well done!

  7. Jasper Brar (verified owner)

    There is no better holster professional than sir Gabe ! He has made all my holsters and when I went else where I was always disappointed! Not with ksg ! Top quality, excellent retention adjustment, small size just enough for what u need, and great customer service!! Don’t hesitate to email Gabe he is awesome at not making you feel like a newbie to the holster world !
    God bless !

  8. Kay Osterloh (verified owner)

    KSG Armory came highly recommended to me and, I have found out, for a good reason. Gabe provided me with an A/IWB holster that exemplifies all the qualities of a good holster: The trigger guard is covered completely, the retention is excellent, and my draw is reliable when using my Halcyon holster.
    But if you think the holster quality and safety features by themselves are great, Gabe’s customer service is even better! I have never felt like this much of a VIP before as with KSG Armory.

  9. M H Wiltshire (verified owner)

    This holster is so good I ordered a second one. Now I have one to practice with and one for my EDC. I just completed a weekend of training with Gabe White Training https://www.gabewhitetraining.com/pistol-shooting-solutions/ and I used my Halycon for a 5″ VP9 with an SRO optic. All weekend with over 950 rounds fired this holster was fast, stable, and secure. It provided the link between my firearm and my shooting performance. Setting up the Halcyon to meet my exact needs in terms of the adjustable retention, ride height and cant made my appendix draw stroke all it could be. Order this holster if it is available for your carry gun. This is the way!

  10. DC (verified owner)

    I needed a holster for my H&K VP9 Tactical and had very specific requirements as to what I wanted. Was recommended KSG and their Halcyon was like a gift from above. It checked every box on my wishlist at a very reasonable price. Leadtime was eta 7-14 days but I received it in 3 or 4 instead. Not only that but I’m now able to carry my VP9 appendix style, I’m 5’9 260lbs so this is a big deal for me. After wearing the Halcyon for 2+ months appendix there’s no way I can go back. As far as I’m concerned KSG has earned my loyalty and I will be ordering from them again. I cannot recommend them enough.

  11. Brandon Perelman (verified owner)

    Bought a halcyon for my comped G19. KSG is one of the few mfgs who will customize the length of the holster to meet your requirements. The holster itself also fits my MR920. The ability to move the clips is excellent and helps you tailor the ride height to your body.

  12. Clay Bradley (verified owner)

    I have been using this holster for 6 months with my G43X and I could not be happier with my purchase. I went with the 2 DCC clips and it stays exactly where I put it even without a proper belt. That combined with the covered trigger guard and great retention has taken a ton of stress out of carrying. I can comfortably sit while carrying appendix which is something I have yet to find with any other holster. Customer service is top-notch. The long search for my perfect holster is officially over.

  13. Sage Brush (verified owner)

    I received my order and everything is perfect.

    I ordered a non-MOS Halcyon with a full sweat guard and a pair of soft loops – for an MOS pistol – and Gabe communicated with me to ensure I was ordering the right item.

    I appreciate his attention to detail and communication.

    I have many holsters from many different makers and KSGArmory is by far my favorite.

    The quality is outstanding and Gabe is very responsive.

    Thank you for your hard work!

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