How to holster your pistol, should you look or not?

Due to some people having negligent discharges, Larry Vickers of Vicker’s Tactical has banned AIWB from his classes.  On a personal level I think it’s something to be improved, rather than banned, but his logic makes perfect sense from the perspective of running classes with students of unknown skill levels.    There is always a danger when holstering a loaded pistol and appendix carry has higher risks than the other positions.


That’s what led to this discussion about the proper technique of holstering.  Look at your holster while you do it, or not?  Avoid pistols without external safeties and stick with long, heavy trigger pulls?  Read more

Why gun people should learn martial arts

I carry a gun so I don’t have to fight.”  This excuse, or variations thereof, have been around for as long as I can remember.

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