HC CAP – magazine carrier

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A secure kydex OWB magazine carrier for concealed carry.

Measure your belt top to bottom, not length. The clip needs to fit precisely.

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This is the Handgun Combatives Combat Application Pouch, an innovative mag' carrier designed for outside the waistband carry.

Dave Spaulding developed this mag' carrier and showed it to me when I first took a class from him.  He claimed he had a unique design and I just nodded sagely, expecting a slight tweak on the same ol' thing.  Boy was I surprised!  The actual difference in placement of the belt clip isn't wildly different, but the improvement is significant.

Turning the clip upside down fixes the single biggest problem of this style of magazine carrier, mainly that it can pop off the belt when grabbed aggressively, which is usually how it's handled when you're under the stress of an emergency reload.

I contributed in a small way by making the angle of cant adjustable, but the credit of the design goes to Dave Spaulding.  The Handgun Combatives store has graciously licensed this design to me for all non Glock models.  If you want one for a Glock, go visit them!  🙂

This is an outside the waistband magazine carrier only.  Thanks to the adjustable cant it can be used at virtually any position on the waistband and I find it works great to run a chain of them for pistol competitions and classes, where you need several reloads on tap.

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 11 × 6.5 × 2.5 cm

1 review for HC CAP – magazine carrier

  1. Chris Sully Cortez

    This is the BEST mag pouch available, HANDS DOWN! Not only is it the most secure pouch I’ve used, but the draw is freaking amazing. Super smooth but the pouch flexes a bit and this makes it SO much easier to draw. I literally refuse to run any other mag pouch because this is so good. 10/10 5/5 ???? ???? ????

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