The problems with a light bearing Sidecar style holster

You’re wanting a light bearing Sidecar style of holster?  You’re not alone!  They’re quite popular, especially on Instagram.  Before I tell you why I won’t make them, let’s touch on the problems inherent to the fixed design of the married appendix rig.

  1.  It’s fixed.  It either matches your body curvature, or it doesn’t.  If it does, you’re in luck, it’s probably both comfortable and concealable.  If it doesn’t, you’re hosed, there’s no cure.
  2.  It’s fixed.  (Dude, you already said that.)  Yeah, but this time we need to consider the pressures applied by moving around in your daily routine.  It needs to flex in the middle, and it also needs to be able to move top to bottom.  This is a problem with the newer style that’s attached in the middle with bungee cord.  Yes, the cord now takes most of the stress, but it loosens with use and now the angle that the holster is riding at has changed.  Consistency is important.
  3.  It’s fixed.  (Move on already!)  You may find that you need to carry the gun at a weird angle relative to the magazine.  I carry my pistol at a slight rearward cant, something fixed rigs don’t allow unless you spend a lot on a custom rig.

Adding a light to the pistol adds width.  This compounds the flexing issue, and also adds a new wrinkle: the claw.

Belt claws, sometimes called wings, are designed to rotate the grip in to the body.  It can’t really do that with a Sidecar style as the mag’ carrier side prevents it.  All it’s doing is pulling that side in a little tighter.  The light bearing claw is even worse, as the attachment points have to be changed; this has led to cracking in more than a few instances.  Perhaps those failure were due to a mismatch in user geometry, but as a craftsman who creates products on which the end users’ life may well depend, I choose to sidestep the entire problem by not making it.

Whatever we call them, the married appendix rigs are cool.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  If you’ve been using one with great success, keep doing what’s working!  Do make sure that you’re using quantifiable metrics, and perhaps the best thing you can do to verify that is to take a class from a reputable trainer.

My personal solution has been to switch to a separate holster and mag’ carrier, using the Discreet Carry Concepts clips on both.  This helps reduce the bulk and allow the necessary flex while also being amazingly stable.

If you want to reduce the belt attachments while having the option carry the kitchen sink, consider the Flex, by Phlster.  Yes, he’s a competitor, but he’s a good guy who makes good products.  It’s an affiliate link.  (No extra cost to you.)

Disclaimer: You will get fewer likes on Instagram if you don’t have one of those sexy married rigs.


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