FN 509 napkin notes

Here’s my first impressions on the 509.

Roughly comparable in size and shoot-ability to a G19.  That’s a good thing.

Trigger is a little gritty on take up especially, but with a very nice reset.  Didn’t notice it while shooting.  Several friends who have one have said that it smooths out with use.  Apex also offers a replacement.  I wouldn’t complain about it for my personal gun, but it’s worth mentioning for the trigger snobs.

Sights are the stock 3 dots, which I don’t care for; I’d like an orange front with blacked out rear, if I can’t just have a red dot. 🙂  I shot it almost as well as I can shoot with an RMR, so it’s not a big complain on the accuracy front, it’s just slower acquiring them when shooting fast.  This was at 7 yards, at a moderate pace, offhand. 


In its stock form: 3.8 out of 5.  Would carry.  Holsters available here.


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